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Preparing your Band for a nationally televised parade appearance!

Published by Andrew M. Yaracs in Performance · 22/2/2016 14:43:00

Based upon the size of your band and auxiliary unit(s) give careful consideration to how you place instruments and auxiliary members in your parade block formation. Every band is different and what works for one may not for another. Strive to achieve maximum impact from your band not only for those along the parade route but your television audience. Often smaller bands try to look bigger by marching in rows of four with large intervals and distance between them stretching the form and thinning the sound. Keep musicians closer together, arrange your instrumentation to create a balanced wall of sound. Utilize your auxiliary units to enhance your size and overall appearance. If the street is very wide be careful not to compress your form in and stretch out. Consider the way your band will sound on television. Place your strongest musicians and marchers on the camera side. A microphone location can often pickup an individual player as they march by so proper placement of your strongest musicians is paramount. Think or your arrangement and how it is scored so you can set your instrumentation to provide the best overall balance and blend for your band.
•\tTo enhance your presentation and crowd appeal consider adding visual horn moves at appropriate climax points in the music. A 45 degree angle elevated to the right, left or straight can be very impressive and provide impact.
•\tEveryone loves the percussion section stage your section to provide maximum visual impact. Incorporate stick visuals where appropriate.
•\tAuxiliary units can add that sparkle to your presentation. Select appropriate flags, hoops, or props to coordinate with your musical selection and be creative with their placement and visual choreography.
Know your strengths both musically and visually. Play up those elements and hide your weaknesses. We expect all band directors and additional staff / chaperones that walk the parade route dress in a professional unified manor.

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